Aby-a-Day – May 1: Banner Day

I got the following email a couple of days ago:


Pet Partners will be updating our Facebook header on Thursday to include several photos of our registered therapy animals. You’ll be pleased to know that your pet’s photo has been chosen as one of those featured.

A few of these photos have been in our files for years and some of those pets are no longer with us. The inclusion of their photos is a tribute to all the benefits they provided during their years as therapy animals.

I hope you enjoy the look of the new header – we look forward to your comments.

How very cool!

Jacoby and I are also going to participate in an AARP Event next week at the Boston Convention Center in South Boston. We’ll be with the UnitedHealthcare booth providing stress relief to attendees and passing out Pet Partners information highlighting the importance of therapy animal visitation. It should be very interesting – and it’s close to home!


Pet Partners sent me a thank you note and a tote bag for Jake and my service.


As you can see, Jake likes it!


We didn’t really need a thank you gift to take Jake on therapy visits, but it’s a pretty nice totebag.

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