Aby-a-Day – May 2: “It’s not the Olympics. It’s Concord, New Hampshire” (Friday Flashback)

This weekend Jacoby and I are going to the Seacoast Cat Club CFA Show in Concord, NH. It’s the first show of the CFA show season in New England, and it’s always a good time.


This was also Gun-Hee’s second cat show, and his last show as a kitten. He was 7 1/2 months old at this show, and kittens age out of the kitten class at 8 months.



He did a great job – look at that smile!


He made some friends, too.


Best of all, Marge Collier named him Best Kitten in her ring! I still have his rosette to this day.


He also got a rosette for 4th place in Feline Agility…but I don’t have any photos of that, sadly. Somehow, they were deleted from my camera card before I could save them.


It was also the last show I’ve manadage to do with Sherry…I miss showing with her. It was a lot of fun! SOME DAY I want to go up to New Brunswick on our birthday weekend and do a show with her up there…SOME DAY. Although, she did just message me today about an ACFA show scheduled for July in Maine that’s only two hours’ drive from Boston, so maybe I’ll get to do another show with soon!


This is from an old Livejournal post I made about that show:

So. We just got back from our first day at the cat show. Tessie did, as we kind of expected, very well…of the four HHP rings, out of 10 cats entered, she won 7th Best, 3rd Best (twice) and BEST Household Pet. After all the rings were finished, they totalled up all the scores from all the rings, and Tess was the Best Household Pet in Show. She got a little plaque and everything. She also won a tiny carpet-and-sisal scratching log, which Gun-Hee has already used.


As I already posted, there are only two Aby kittens in the show today. Today we discovered the other Aby kitten is a Red female. So in every ring, Gun-Hee gets a Best in Class (male Ruddy) and a Best of Colour (Ruddy) right off the bat. We had three rings today and have four more tomorrow. He won Best of Breed two out of three times today (in the other ring, he was Second Best of Breed, obviously).


He only made one of the three kitten finals today, and he was the only Aby kitten to make any finals at all. In the one final he did make…he won BEST KITTEN!!! It was a Shorthair Specialty ring (meaning he wasn’t up against the Persians and the Maine Coons), but to be the best of all the Shorthairs is still really amazing! What makes it even more interesting is, the judge who awarded him the Best Kitten is one of two judges we saw in the January show…and she didn’t even give him a 3rd Best Male Ruddy (out of the four that were there).

Another interesting thing: the kitten (Fats Waller, #30) at the last show who kept consistently beating Gun-Hee for Best in Class (Gun-Hee was Best in Class once out of 8 rings) and Best in Colour (Gun-Hee only won that twice) and was the Aby most seen at finals is now a Champion. And he’s up against Scar, Gun-Hee’s father. And Scar is doing the exact same dance with him that his son did in January.


Also, Gun-Hee’s Uncle Whitey is in the Premier class (for neutered/spayed cats), and is also one of two Abys in the show for his class. And the other Aby? Is a Red female. Like uncle like nephew, I guess…

We shall see what memories Jacoby adds to this show after this weekend!