Aby-a-Day – May 4: Jacoby’s Fan Club

We spent a lovely weekend up in New Hampshire at the Seacoast Cat Club’s annual show. We saw a lot of old friends, met a lot of wonderful cats, and even made a final!


But the best thing happened halfway through the show yesterday, when I heard, “Is that him? Is that Jacoby? It is! It is him!”


I looked up from my book to see a couple who introduced themselves as Katie and Stan. They moved to Massachusetts recently from North Carolina, and they discovered this blog a while back and have been following Jake and Angel’s adventures ever since!


It wasn’t the first time I’d run into someone who read my blog and then saw us in person, mind you. That’s happened once or twice, but most of the time it’s been more of an, “Oh, you know, there’s this blog about Abys…” “Yeah, that’s me” kind of encounter.


I think this is the first time people have driven to another state just to meet Jake. Stan was thrilled to hold Jake, as you can clearly see.


Katie said she didn’t need to hold him, too.


So instead, he got a kiss. Maybe he didn’t end up with the most rosettes at the end of the show…but how many cats have their own fan club?