Aby-a-Day – May 6: “I like to eat and I love the diversity of foods” (Cartoon Tuesday)

This cartoon was inspired by two things: One, Kylie is an incredibly picky eater. She is the only cat I’ve ever known who will turn up her nose and walk away from canned food, or even treats…unless it’s the right food.


And Two, Abyssinians will eat anything. Muffins, melon, Cheetos, Asparagus, Broccoli…Abys have been known to eat all of these, and more. There was a discussion of this phenomenon over on the Facebook Aby Club.

I find it endlessly amusing that Royal Canin used an Aby as the breed to feature on their line of “picky eater” cat foods. Really, Royal Canin? An Aby as a “picky cat”? Really??

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