Aby-a-Day – May 12: What’s on your laptop? (Hipstamatic Monday)

When I leave my laptop open, it’s usually Angel who likes to sit on it. hipstajakelaptop12 I was very surprised to discover Jacoby comfortably ensconced on my computer the other day. hipstajakelaptop10 That’s just not like him. Sure, it’s warm, but it’s not that warm, and he usually prefers a cushier seat. hipstajakelaptop9 He wasn’t at all interested in moving off of it, either. hipstajakelaptop1 I don’t know what he did, but he made all the desktop icons enormous. hipstajakelaptop5 He seemed almost proud of himself. hipstajakelaptop3 It took me a while to get them back to their normal size once I shifted Jake off. hipstajakelaptop11 “Whattaya mean, I have to move so you can write a post about this?”