Aby-a-Day – May 26: Red and Ruddy at the Show again (Hipstamatic Monday)

Sunday at the show in Concord, Jacoby got to compete with Meg’s boy Chai Latte (aka Petit Garçon). It’s fun to watch the differences between a younger, not-yet-Granded Aby and a seasoned veteran.


You can see Garçon in the background as Jake is examined by judge Kathy Calhoun.


I love how Jake stands tall on the table and surveys the audience and the show hall while he’s being judged.


He doesn’t play with the toys or climb the pole, but he’s perfectly happy to just stand there. The judges barely need to hold onto him.


“Hey! I wasn’t finished being admired!”


Garçon, on the other hand, was very active on the table. Kathy had to keep a good hold on him, you can tell.


It looks like Jake’s looking on in the background thinking, “What a showoff!”