Aby-a-Day – May 27: Hot doggin’ it (Cartoon Tuesday)

This is another true story, shared by Abyfriend Wendy on the Abyssinian Cat Club Facebook group.


“Well – thought I had seen everything… I was outside grilling hot dogs. On my way back in, Wren brought me the remaining four. These are the kind in natural casing, so they are all connected… It’s funny that she brought them to me, rather than running off with them. Wren is such a funny girl.”

Abyfriend Kim said Wren was bringing the hot dogs back to Wendy so she could cook them for her. Wendy added that “[Wren] had one in her mouth and the rest were dragging behind her on the floor,” and then lamented the fact that she hadn’t had a camera handy. The mental image was just too much to resist.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 27: Hot doggin’ it (Cartoon Tuesday)

  1. Pixel waits for Mark to make his turkey sandwiches before snatching the turkey out of them, like it needs to be between bread for it to work right. 🙂


  2. One of my favorite things about cats is how they will drag stuff between their legs like they are hauling off a deer carcass.


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