Aby-a-Day – June 1: Happy birthday to me!

So today is my 49th birthday. Very weird feeling, I must say. Next year is going to be…interesting. Because of this blog and the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook, however, I’ve gotten birthday greetings from, literally, all over the world. I love the fact that I have friends all over the world who think enough to say Happy Birthday – from Australia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, India, Pakistan, Canada (of course) and all over the States. It’s just so cool. Ain’t the internet a wonderful thing!?


Jaocby, of course, helped me celebrate. My mom sent me an Edible Arrangementwith a balloon.


Jake wasn’t so into the chocolate-dipped strawberries…



…but balloons are always fun!


Sherry sent me this “Abyssinian Ave.” sign along with a pewter cat pin.


This sign will come in handy at cat shows.


Kim sent me a couple of fun things, too.


Like these super-cute kitty cat sneakers.


And this adorable little sock mon…er, Aby.


I love his ears and his smile!


And the colour of the sock is so close to a ruddy Aby!


Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes and the fun toys!

16 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – June 1: Happy birthday to me!

  1. Oh yeah, you’ll have something else arriving soon, directly from the seller in the US. It reminded me of a particular picture of Gun-Hee… let’s see if you can guess which one 😉 Happy Birthday Coco!! From Sherry and the Pellburn Abys!


    1. Thanks – is the the pin? I got that yesterday – I didn’t post a photo but I did mention it (the post went up before I was finished with it so you may not have seen them)! It’s adorable…but now I need to remember which photo of Gun-Hee looks like it!


      1. Yes I just saw the rest of this post – weird LOL Anyway, that picture of Gun-Hee that the pin reminded me of, I remember someone commented something like “the happiest kitty butt she’s ever seen” – thought that comment was so cute 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday from California! 49 isn’t so bad….you’ll always be younger than me. 😉 cough*52*cough. Hope Jake and the gang got you something special!


    1. Hahaha thanks! My sister always reminds me that I’ll be older than her, so it’s nice to be on the other side for a change!
      My husband and the kitties are getting me an iPad, but it won’t get here til next week. Still – the post went up while I was still editing it…so check back because you might have missed the photos. They’re a lot of fun!


      1. Love Jake posing with all your gifts- that Abyssinian Ave. sign cracks me up! I’m glad to hear you’re getting such a nice gift from “the gang”, I got a an iPad for my 50th, and use it all the time…like for reading The Daily Abyssinian.


    1. He posed for photos with some of my presents – I forgot to make the post “Private” while I was editing it, so the photos weren’t on there yet. He is such a camera ham!


    1. Wow, really!? I’ve never known anyone with the same birthday as me! June 2 & June 3, yes…
      LOL you were born the same day as the Sgt. Pepper LP!


  3. Happy Birthday from me and Garth, Koshka! Time for a chorus of The Volga Birthday Song: Happy birth-day, uh! Happy birth-day, uh! Doom, destruction and despair, people dying everywhere, Happy birth-day, uh! Happy birth-day, uh!


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