Abys in Need – Mr. Jingles & April in SC and Fatima in GA

Two sad stories of Abys in need of homes today, I’m afraid…

First we have Mr. Jingles and April, originally from Long Island, NY but now in South Carolina.

“I have 2 Abysinian cats, 12 years old, Mr. Jingles and April. I am in Long Island NY and was unable to care for them. I had them shipped to a friend in SC who said she could care for them. She is having issues and it is not working out. She has other animals and my cats do not get along with them.

I need help!! Is anyone willing to care for them? Mr. Jingles is diabetic and he gets insulin injections in the morning and evening when he eats. Please let me know, they deserve a better home, she has been keeping them in a bedroom because of her other animals for the last 65 weeks. When they were with me they were indoor/outdoor so I know they must be suffering and it is breaking my heart to know that they have not been out!!

They are purebred and both front declawed. I will get the name of the breeder; my husband and his father bought them from her, she is on eastern Long Islnad. We have bought 4 Abys from her; 2 passed away. Holly, Mr. Jingles’ sister, passed after getting spayed and declawed; her heart was too weak for the surgery. Diamond was hit by a car shortly after she was spayed.

My sister lives in NC and can help shipping them for me. I have their carriers and insulin and needles as well. They may need more as I am not sure now even the girl is even caring for them the way they should be cared for. I am worried. Is there anyone that can help me?”

If you can help out with these two seniors (I think Mr. Jingles is the fawn and April is the red), please contact Kara by email at kara1566@aol.com or telephone 516-410-2318.

Then we have Fatima and her five kittens in the Dekalb County shelter in Decatur, GA. I don’t know if Fatima is a purebred Aby or not, but she definitely looks Abyssinian, and so do two of her kittens. Fatima was posted on the Dekalb Rescue Facebook Page.

“Fatima is a 1 year old golden and black Abyssinian cat who just arrived at the shelter with her 5 newborn babies. The shelter is no place for tiny kittens, so this sweet family needs rescue ASAP.” Jacquelyn on Facebook, who lives in the area, visited the little family this afternoon, and she posted the following:

“I visited Fatima today, and she is indeed a true Aby, albeit a poorly-bred one. She is a ruddy with banding on her lower legs, and the MOST gorgeous green eyes that these flash photos do not do justice to. Just look at that eyeliner and little white chin! She is also a LOVER; even as she was nursing, she was rubbing her face against my hand and giving me head butts. (If she is this sweet when she is nursing, can you imagine how wonderful she will be when she’s spayed?) She’s just a baby herself, estimated to be 11 months old.” Three of her five kittens look like they may be ticked, too. Jacquelyn has also started a “Free Fatima Fund” to raise money to go towards Fatima’s sterilization and no-kill shelter support (over $300 has been raised so far!); check the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook for more information. Let”s find this sweet mama and her kittens good homes! Fatima comes pre-sponsored thanks to the “FFF,” but she won’t be available to be adopted until after her kittens are eight weeks old.

For more information about Fatima and her family, please email the shelter at rescue@dekalbanimalservices.com or phone 404-294-2949.

4 thoughts on “Abys in Need – Mr. Jingles & April in SC and Fatima in GA

  1. All precious..someone please help them..I’m not going to say what else I am thinking Coco..


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