Aby-a-Day – June 16: They see me rollin’… (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby still loves to ride the cart when I return it to the storage room on the first floor after unloading groceries.



The problem is that now, we live really close to the elevator. There isn’t much of a ride to be had.



So we go the long way, down the back elevator (next to our old apartment), to make it more fun for Jake.


Jake, of course, is quite familiar with elevators.


He rides them all the time, both at home and when we go on therapy visits.


If he weren’t so happy to be riding the cart, I’d say he was jaded. Look at that face!


The downstairs hallway has fewer apartments than the other floors, because the machinery room, the gym, and the mailroom are on that floor.


This means, I can run and push the cart really fast without bothering anyone.


“C”mon, Mom – go faster! Vroom, vroom!”

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