Abys in Need: Wendy in Florida

Poor Wendy was just returned to her rescue this week by the family who adopted her. She’ll need a little time to gain some weight before she’s ready for a new home.

Wendy is with Spots & Stripes: Exotic Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, an all-volunteer rescue organisation in Florida.

” Wendy the Aby was returned after three weeks in her new home.

We recommend keeping a cat in small area (small bedroom/bathroom) the first few weeks so situations like this do not happen. She hid the first few days & did not come out to eat. When she finally did begin eating, she was offered several different foods her stomach was not used to, which caused diarrhea. Unfortunately, the diarrhea persisted as she would continue to hide & not eat for a few days, then again eat food she was not used to. She was then returned after she had lost a major amount of weight.

We have her kenneled currently while we get her diarrhea controlled & weight gained. Her fecal came back negative & she is on probiotics & raw.

In a few weeks, she will need a new home”

Wendy is four years old and I don’t know if she is declawed, but she is probably spayed. If you are interested in Wendy, you can email the rescue or contact them through their Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Abys in Need: Wendy in Florida

  1. Wendy the Aby is 4 years old, not sure about the claws.. She is a gorgeous aby.

    Below is a link to a photo of her looking a little healthier before her recent adoption. I hope she recovers and finds a good home soon. I’m not sure why it didn’t work out at the last home. They were experienced aby people, but had never worked with a rescue. ***The important thing is that she heals up and finds her forever home.***


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