Aby-a-Day – July 21: ArtBeat is hip! (Hipstamatic Monday)

While we were at ArtBeat yesterday, I remembered to take a few Hipstamatic shots as well. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before; Hipstamatic seems like the perfect platform for ArtBeat photographs!


I just loved this tiger.


And apparently I wasn’t the only one.


This was just silly. I’d found a stray pipe cleaner that had been twisted into a circle and put it on Jacoby’s head.


All hail Jake, the Pipe Cleaner Prince.


We also stopped at the Batch Ice Cream truck for a treat. They’re a local ice cream company that makes awesome ice cream with minimal ingredients.


I loved their little map of Massachusetts painted on the side of their chalkboard truck. And their ice cream is truly amazing.


Jake would have preferred we’d go to Redbones BBQ instead.


I love these guys in the background. I’m sure they were laughing at me…but so what?


There is just so much to see at ArtBeat!


The first time we went to ArtBeat, Jake rode in the little rolly-cart. He didn’t like that because he was dragging along behind me and couldn’t see where we were going.


He much prefers the stroller, where he can see everything.


I love that Jake loves to do things like this with me.

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