Aby-a-Day – July 26: “Wet” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Wet.”


Jacoby is not especially afraid of getting wet. In some ways this is a bad thing, because the traditional spray bottle punishment doesn’t work at all on him.


Of course, this also means that when Jake and I happen to be near water, I can get some awesome photographs.


Living in Boston, we have occasion to see a lot of water. There’s Boston Harbor, Fort Point Channel, the Charles River and Massachusetts Bay, all within a mile and a half of our house.


There’s a reason the Standells’ song Dirty Water is Boston’s theme song, although the water’s a lot cleaner now than it was back in the mid 1960’s.


Jake and I went to Christopher Columbus Park a while back and just enjoyed a nice day outside looking out at the harbour.


I’m kind of glad I don’t know how polluted it all used to be. Now it all seems so nice, it’s hard to believe that within my lifetime, people were advised to get a tetanus shot if they so much as came in contact with the water, let alone went swimming in it!