Aby-a-Day – July 27: Waiting for the wagon

I know I say Jacoby likes to ride on the cart when I take it back downstairs, but does he really like it, or am I projecting?


Well, the other day, we used the cart to bring groceries up, and take some boxes down to the recycle room. And while I was putting groceries away, Jake was camped out on the cart waiting for me to take it downstairs.


Impatiently waiting, if that look in his eye means anything.


And once we were rolling…look at that happy head tilt!


Now, is this a cat who doesn’t like to ride the cart? What do you think?


And once we get to the recycle room, and then the elevator, he always seems a little crestfallen.


He knows that his ride is almost over. Sometimes, he looks so sad, I take the cart the long way back, so he can have more fun.