Aby-a-Day – August 14: Look! Up in the sky!

I thought this was just the most awesome thing…

Toki Poki did a series of Superhero Pets trading cards, which, of course, Jacoby was involved in…

Room 16 pupils from Otumoetai Primary in Tauranga, New Zealand were sent sets of the Superhero Pets cards, and they sent back letters and drawings in response.

I love the one girl who was so taken with Jake:

“Jake is really funny!” she says, and then goes on to mention her three kitties, Ripley, Echo and Rosie.

Jonathan was also impressed with Super Jake. “My favourite card was Captain Tripod and Super Jake because he can jump really high.” Jonathan has two cats, Paws and City Puss.


I thought it was so cool that Jake got to “meet” kids in New Zealand. Someday, I would like to take him to visit schools in person as part of his therapy work, but at least he gets to do it through the magic of Toki Poki.

Abys in Need – Pregnant girl in MI and an update on Abe in GA

One foster Aby…and an update for you today…

I don’t have much information on this girl. All the email said was: “Can anyone take this possibly pregnant cat for foster? Let me know asap, she needs to get out.”

Basically, all we know is she’s probably an Aby, she’s possibly pregnant, and she’s in the Mid Michigan area. If you can foster this girl, or have any questions, please email Jean Gzybowski at gzybowsk@msu.edu.

I posted about Abe the Aby almost a month ago, and now he’s listed on Petfinder as ready to be adopted! The rather canine-centric listing on Petfinder says:

“Abe is about to get a new grill! Although he is only 4 years old he needs almost all of his teeth removed. Abe doesn’t care though, he’ll still be able to eat and head butt your chin. Abe is an Abyssinian cat, so basically a dog. He loves water and following you around the house. He was living outside for a long time without any claws, so we think he is a survivor! Abe is a special dude that must live indoors only and he does get along well with dogs. Aby cats are a active breed, always slender and regal looking – but definitely more dog than cat. Email blabauve@gmail.com for more info on adopting Abe!”

I think they want to keep him in the Atlanta area.