Aby-a-Day – August 22: NEMO Costume Contest (Fashion Friday Flashback)

The NEMO Cat Club show is this weekend (Jacoby and I are actually in Sturbridge tonight, setting up), and of course we will be having another costume contest. It will be on Sunday, not Saturday, and Jake and I are only going to wear one costume (well…maybe two) this year – but that one will be a doozy!


Last year, we wore three different outfits. We started out with our Egyptian outfit.


Jake likes that one so much he can even sleep in it!


Then we switched to our “South Pacific” ensemble.


For the actual contest, however, we went with the “sushi combo”…which in retrospect may not have been the strongest choice.


The competition was wicked fierce!


I mean, there was Meg and Fire as Rastafarians (complete with nickel bag of catnip)…


…And Dante Mooner and Marsha as a witch and his cat…


…And my favourite, Linda and Pippi (a Somali!) as Gomez and Morticia Addams! And as great as those all were, none of them actually took home the prize. The two winners were…


Iris as Queen Marie Antoinette with her Turkish Angora…


and Geri as Harry Potter with Hedwig the owl!

Jake and I didn’t win last year…but as I’ve said, we have a great costume idea for this year . I hope to get some great photos of that, because I can’t wait to see them! If you’re in Western Massachusetts this weekend, stop by on Sunday and see the show – and the costume contest – for yourself! Tell ’em Jakey sent you!

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

It’s been a good week for Abys on my calendars this week: Look at this little cutie who was on yesterday’s I Can Has Cheezburger Day-to-Day Calendar page!

I think they actually meant “Goggie” (LOLcat for “Doggie”)…but still, look at that face!