Aby-a-Day – September 7: Camouflage Swedish Style

We got a new IKEA Billy bookcase which we built today. It’s pretty tall, so we built it in our hallway.


Angel loves it. It’s exactly the same colour she is!


She blends right in. “Look at me – ha! You can’t! I’m invisible!” she says.


Wow…I guess it works! Jake didn’t even see her!

Abys are Everywhere: The Mooners in the Washington Post

Our friend Lisa Maria Padilla and Abys Racy and Twyla Mooner were recently featured in an article in the Washington Post

I love this one reader comment, too: “Currently [I have] 3 cats, two of which we raised as four day old kittens abandoned a couple years back by their mom. They all have learned little tricks, most of which involve ways to interact with their favorite humans and/or to get the occasional treat. In fact, every one of them responds to “Doors Closing” when I say it like the Metro announcement.

This proves that my cats are at least in one way smarter than many of my fellow commuters.”