Aby-a-Day – September 12: Certifiable (Friday Flashback)

This weekend, Jacoby and I need to go out to Grafton and get recertified with Pet Partners and Tufts Paws for People. Basically, every two years we need to have our skills and aptitude assesed so we can renew our documents and continue to visit.


I’m not too concerned about passing; after all, Jacoby is a bit of a natural.


But the first time we took the assessment…


…I’ll admit I was a little nervous.


I knew he’d be great with strangers.


But there’s one part of the test where he has to sit on someone’s lap for 30 seconds without anyone touching him. I wasn’t sure he could sit still that long.


I needn’t have worried.


We passed the first assessment as well as our reassessment in 2012. We should be just fine on Sunday.