Aby-a-Day – September 14: Trip to Grafton

Jacoby and I took the Commuter Rail out to Grafton today for our recertification assessment.



It was a nice, uneventful trip, unlike last time.



He had a pretty good time exploring the lobby of the Tufts Veterinary administration building.


Despite all the dogs.


I was very happy to be able to get a few more copies of the Catnip newsletter with the article about therapy cats and Jake.


I was only able to get one copy mailed to me because I’m not a subscriber. I tried using the “but that’s my photo of my cat” argument, but it didn’t work. So it was an unexpected boon to get a few more copies.


On our train ride home, Jake made a new friend.


This little girl was thrilled to see a kitty on the train.



And Jake was pretty happy to have a little girl pet him. He’s so great with kids.

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