Aby-a-Day – October 10: Angel’s adoption (Friday Flashback)

Six years ago, October 10 was a Friday, too. And that’s the day I went to pick up Angel.



When I first met her, she was being sequestered in an upstairs bedroom. Seems the resident senior Aby didn’t like her and was kind of bullying her.


She did have a friend in the bedroom, though: a fawn boy called Valentino.


They got along really well, and Tino was an absolute sweetheart. He was already spoken for, but I wanted to bring him home, too.


I had to go to Northern California to get Angel, which worked out well since I grew up there and my mom still lives there. Angel and I spent the weekend in Davis before going back to Boston. She hid a little when she first got to my mom’s house…


…but she got over her initial shyness pretty quickly!


To get home, we had to fly cross-country. This was the potty break in Denver…she didn’t need to go.


As brave as she was at my mom’s…it took Angel a little while to get used to living with Tessie…


…actually, six years later, that’s still something of a work in progress…