Another response about the Pet Shop Abys from Animalis

I got another response from Animalis on the four Aby brothers they have for sale in a pet shop in a Paris suburb:

“Dear Madam,
I would like to explain you how we work, because this information is important for everybody.

First of all, the staff in charge of our animals must be able to. They own a “capacity certificate” that means they are professionals.

When a person is interested on a dog or cat or any other animal, they explain the animal’s profile, to match with their living style. Even if you don’t believe it, we have already refused to sell an animal… more than once!

They also do adoptions at their stores through local shelters

If a dog or a cat didn’t find an owner, we take important measures to find a family as quickly as possible. It is our engagement. There is no return to the breeder.
A good integration is also important to us. It’s our procedure to call the owners to know if everything is going right. For dog’s owners, we offer every month “dog education lessons”, to show them how to live in harmony with their pets.

Animalis’ booth at a recent pet expo in Paris

And a month ago, we have inaugurated our animal protection association, the APA. So if one day something bad happens to the owner of one of our dogs or cats (if he gets ill, or homeless, or divorced), the association will find them a new home. Of course it is just a start, but we are working on this project because we care.

They carry Chi’s Sweet Home litter boxes! They can’t be all that bad… 🙂

I understand you don’t like pet shops, but you must know our staff is really loving and taking care. They are doing more than you think, even when the store is closed…
Best regards”

So. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Another response about the Pet Shop Abys from Animalis

  1. Sounds like they do an awful lot more than most pet shops anywhere do. Heck, an awful lot more than many shelters do here in the US. Any cat sold in a pet store, and any puppy for that matter, makes me super uncomfortable, but generally because they come from mills or because the pet stores themselves are sloppy in their care and/or who they sell to. But none of that appears to apply to Animalis. Seems like they know what they’re doing, based on this communication and the pictures. I’d have to see it in person to know for sure.


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