Aby-a-Day – November 14: To boldly go (Fashion Friday)

You know how you get those emails from online merchants you frequent telling you about sales and giving you discount codes for free shipping or a percentage off a certain amount? Well, a couple of weeks ago, I got one of those emails from ThinkGeek

I love ThinkGeek. Not only do they have really cool (and useful) stuff, but they’re Aby-friendly!

So when I saw this lovely Star Trek women’s uniform…yeah, had to get it. I got the Sciences blue; admittedly, the red was tempting, but…you know what they say about red shirts.

Once I got the dress, well…you know what I had to do next, right?


It was only logical.


Of course Jacoby needed a Science officer’s uniform, too.


He’s pretty proud of it, too.


“Dammit, Jim…I’m a cat, not an doctor.”


Our shirts aren’t exactly the same shade of blue, but they’re close enough. I think Jake’s is actually a little nicer than mine, because I don’t have braid.


The Abyssinian mind meld.


He was purring so hard the entire time I was taking these photos. I wish you could hear it in the photos!