Aby-a-Day – November 16: Assessment

Jacoby and I had our recertification assessment for Pet Partners today. Since he didn’t pass the last time, we didn’t take the train; my husband drove us. We also took the test in a different room that was completely dog-free.


Jake did a lot better this time than last time; being in the new room definitely helped.


And he was really happy to be back in his stroller. In fact, he was a little too happy to be back in his stroller…and that may actually have been part of the problem.


When Jake was doing the parts of the assessment that involved him not being in his stroller (on someone’s lap, being held by me or someone else, or on a table), he hissed and growled. Not at anyone – these were “in general” hisses and growls – and once he was back in his stroller, he would purr and knead his cushions.


However, the growling was bad sign, regardless of the reason for it, and he didn’t pass his assessment again. Deb, the person who did his assessment today and who’s done all of his previous assessments, is afraid he might be suffering from therapy burnout. He still obviously loves and enjoys aspects of therapy visits, he doesn’t seem to love all of it, at least when he’s being tested. He’s never growled or hissed on an actual visit, but the concern is that if he does it during the test, he could do it on a visit, and the last thing you want to do is scare a patient. So, for the time being we’re still on a break.


We aren’t going to take the test again until March, and if he doesn’t pass then, well…maybe he’ll be a retired therapy cat. We’ll just have to see.

15 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – November 16: Assessment

    1. Well, I do, too…but hissing and growling isn’t good, and it means he’s not happy about something. We went to Petco on the way home, and he had an absolute blast – more on that later this week – so it’s not outings he’s over, it’s something else.


  1. Hi,

    I love following your adventures with Jacoby. Thank you for being so honest about his current ‘dislike’ or whatever it is for his therapy assessments. Just nice to see that he is an ordinary Aby, that says ‘enough is enough’ sometimes, and not being super cat all the time. It just touched my heart.

    Kind Regards,

    Eva ( Aby Cassius!)


  2. Sorry Jake didn’t pass. He brings so much joy to people that it is a shame he can’t do that for a while. It is still a joy seeing his photos online. Please visit us for a chance to win catnip turkey legs.


  3. I miss my ruddy boys Nicolai, Woody, and Osiris more than I can say. The therapy Jake provides me each day through this blog is valuable, too. Jake will always be a therapy cat.


  4. What Jake is so eloquently stating is, “Lady, I’ve been doing this MY ENTIRE LIFE. How many years have you served as a therapy cat? What? Say it, ZERO, yes, that’s right, ZERO. Andy you’re trying to tell me how do MY job? Seriously???”


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