Sad news…Cat Fancy Magazine is dead

I just found out that Cat Fancy Magazine is ceasing publication. A friend sent me this very sad link: Who Killed Cat Fancy?”


It’s a good article. But it’s sad. Cat Fancy was started in 1965, the year I was born. The last issue I got in the mail – just this week, in fact – had an overall tone of excitement for its 50th year in print. Apparently, the announcement that they were closing down came before presstime.

I’ve had a subscription to Cat Fancy, off and on, since I was about 10. It was never my favourite – I actually preferred Cats Magazine, which was an East Coast-based publication geared more towards breeders and showing – but I still loved Cat Fancy and appreciated its arrival in my mailbox every month. I have a subscription through 2016, and was actually just considering extending it.

Evidently, the magazine is being reborn as “Catster“…but it won’t be the same.

4 thoughts on “Sad news…Cat Fancy Magazine is dead

  1. My human and I were really sad to hear about this – Sparkle’s dream was to be on the cover of Cat Fancy, and I was hoping to realize her dream for her.


  2. This IS sad! I always liked Cat Fancy better than Dog Fancy. And I especially liked its Kitten issue. Was there a reason given as to its demise?


    1. Looks like it was a combination of the publication’s sale to a new company and the new owners’ vision of what readers want: less about purebreds, more about random cats, celebrities, and “the cat-selfie generation.” Like I said, I actually preferred Cats, which was MORE purebred and breeder oriented than Cat Fancy ever was.


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