Aby-a-Day – December 13: “Beauty” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Beauty.”


There are those who say cat shows are basically just beauty contests.


They are, to a degree. But cat shows are more about conformation and adhering to a written standard than they are about physical beauty. And, of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Some cat fanciers find this to be the epitome of feline beauty.


Meanwhile, other think that body type is “ugly” and consider the rounded features of the Persian to be “beautiful.”


I think most cats are beautiful in their own way, and I can appreciate when a cat embodies perfection according to the breed standard, regardless of the breed.


The “beauty contest” part of a cat show really comes into play when it’s time to put up the cats in the finals, because how can you compare a Maine Coon to a Sphynx to a Persian to an Oriental Shorthair to a Scottish Fold to an Abyssinian…and come up with a “Best Cat” overall? In that, it comes down to personality and, yes, beauty.


While Jacoby scores highly in the “beauty” category, I doubt he’ll ever be named “Miss Congeniality.” He doesn’t kiss up to the judges. He doesn’t like to play around on the judges’ tables. He rarely climbs the pole, even if they ask him nicely.


He doesn’t play with toys, either.


No, Jake just prefers to stand there and look awesome.


And some judges really love that he just poses majestically on his table so they can step back and examine him “hands off.” So there.


Of course, even the most handsome cat can be made to look awkward in a well-timed photo…