Aby-a-Day – January 2: Prêt à Porter de Paris (Fashion Friday)

Jacoby and I did a little holiday gift swap with our Facebook friend Juliette Mok.


Juliette made an admiring comment on Jake’s bomber jacket, and wanted to get one for her Aby, Lamé.


Juliette and Lamé live in Paris, so she couldn’t just order the bomber jacket from Petco. So I offered to buy it and mail it to her.


In exchange, she offered to send me something from ZooPlus, a French pet store.


We picked the Norwegian Sweater. To go with it, Jake also got this Scandinavian-style scarf.


The scarf is a little wide for Jake’s neck, I think…but the sweater is magnificent. Feline fashion direct from Paris!


I think Jake likes it, too…thank you, Juliette and Lamé!

And here is Lamé, in his new bomber jacket! Isn’t he dashing?

I also sent a bomber jacket to my friend Sanna-Leena in Finland for her fawn Aby, Sketsi.

Even though Sketsi lives in Helsinki, this was his first experience with snow. He also wore the knitted hat I sent him last winter. Maybe next time, I’ll need to send him some boots like Jake has, too.

Abyssinians are fashionable all over the world!