Aby-a-Day – January 16: Suomi muoti (Fashion Friday)

Almost a year ago, I posted about Abyfriend Maija had a sweater made for her Aby Morse.

The sweater was a traditional jussipaita, and the burgundy matched Morse’s red/sorrel fur perfectly.


Well, as I mentioned yesterday, one of Jacoby’s gifts from Finland was an anttipaita. Jussipaidat (burgundy red) and Anttipaidat (navy blue) are traditional Finnish sweaters. Jake’s is made of wool (and cat hair, since Kossi sat on it).


I think you can see some of Kossi’s hair on the sweater in this photo!


It is said that these shirts symbolise stamina, diligence, honesty, integrity and even insanity and bravado. Well! I think that fits Jake well, don’t you?


Although, I’m not sure this crocheted ring cat toy makes an appropriate hat for such a noble sweater…


Sanna also sent Jake this really awesome hoodie fron Wouapy, which is actually a French company.


The hood actually snaps off, there’s a flap to cover the leash hole and keep the warmth in, it’s made of a really nice heavy fleece…and it has an awesome terrycloth heart applique on the back! Not only that…it’s waterproof! Between his Canadian sweaters, his French sweater and now his Finnish outfits, Jake is quite the global fashionista!