Aby-a-Day – January 20: “Stupid American Cat…” (Cartoon Tuesday)

Look at Sketsi’s face! Every time I look at Jacoby enjoying the toys, treats, clothes and cat bed from Sanna-Leena and her kitties in Helsinki, I can’t help but think of Sketsi enjoying his things that we’ve sent from Boston!


I guess next time I’ll have to send him some boots?

Sketsi is actually fairly closely related to Gun-Hee (on Gun-Hee’s mother Amber’s side); one of Sketsi’s great-great grandfathers, Marica’s Mister Macon, was Gun-Hee’s grandfather! Jake and Sketsi are related, too…but more distantly. I don’t think Sketsi cares that Jake’s his cousin here, though…

Just for fun…this is the photo that inspired this cartoon, with a little added commentary.

And here’s the sketch I did of Jake to go with with it.

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