Aby-a-Day – January 27: Sympathy Pains (Cartoon Tuesday)

Kind of a quickie this week, I’m afraid…On Friday, I woke up at 2am with fever and chills. Then I had some blood in my urine, and ended up in the ER on Saturday morning.


I was somewhat amused that I had the same thing that Jacoby gets. It’s like now, I really know how he feels when he gets a UTI flare-up. And for his part, he stuck by me the entire time I was home sick. It really seemed like he could tell what was wrong with me…and he empathised completely. And if he was the type to share his food, I’m sure he’d make this generous offer.


I actually got the idea for this week’s cartoon while I was waiting for my test results at the emergency room, and sketched it out on my iPad.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

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