Aby-a-Day – February 1: CSI: PSI

So there’s this game on TV today. You might have heard something about it.


That’s right!


Kitten Bowl II!


Jacoby is a big fan of the Kitten Bowl, which is an actual, three-hour long playoff game…played by kittens.


This year, it really seemed like Jake wanted to play with the kittens.


So, I got him his very own football.


“I don’t see what the big deal is…it’s not that hard to play with a ball.”


“Meh, whatever…19 days til pitchers and catchers report. Bring on the Paw Star Game!

Abys in Need: Fawn in Dallas needs a Foster Home

This is kind of sad…just got this a couple of hours ago from the Aby Rescue list:

“Perhaps you can help me. The bottom line is I had a heart attack just over two weeks ago and I have an Abyssinian cat, Fawn, that I feel could find a home where she would be better cared for. I am crying writing this with the thought of it and the only way I am going to be okay is feeling like she going to a better home. I can’t just put out an ad and hope to find someone.

Her last blood work was good. She will overgroom her belly. My vet has me feeding her hypoallergenic food.

She can also rub her head sore from trying to mark things when, I think, she’s feeling insecure. She is around 13 lbs. Hopefully, I can find someone who has more experience with cats than myself. Although she gets lots of attention, I stopped dragging around play toys and I know she could do with more exercise.”

Fawn (who is a fawn) is in Dallas and her human’s name is Trevor Gauden. He can be reached by email at trevorgauden@msn.com.