Aby-a-Day – February 21: “Wheel” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Wheel.”

My friend Kelli recently got a cat wheel from One Fast Cat for her Abys Emmy and Allie. It’s a new Kickstarter project, and Kellie was one of the first people to get one.

Check out Allie rocking her wheel!

It took a little toy enticement to get Allie started.

Of course, like all Abys, Allie is curious, and she just had to have that toy, so…

…she was off and running!

The movement of the wheel kind of distracted her, though.

Turns out, the wheel is also a good place for sitting.

And scratching!

“Now what was I…oh! Right! That toy!”

You can tell that Allie is really trying to get the toy, and the running on the wheel is somewhat incidental…but eventually she’ll just run on it for running’s sake. At least, that’s the idea.

According to the FAQs, the wheel is fairly lightweight, but sturdy, and it’s well balanced so it can be placed on carpet or hard floors.

You can see a bit of the plastic construction here, as well as the size compared to an average Aby and an average wall.

It also works in both directions!

Here’s a short video of Allie running on her wheel. I don’t know if Emmy has tried it yet, though. And in case you’re wondering, YES, I would love to have one of these wheels for our cats…although, I’m not entirely sure where we would put it.

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