Aby-a-Day – February 26: A short walk in some deep snow

Usually, when I take photos of Jacoby in the snow, we go into our enclosed courtyard. There are many reasons for this: it’s easy, it’s sheltered, it’s pretty, and it’s nice, clean, unadulterated snow. However, as you saw yesterday, going out in the courtyard wasn’t exactly an option.


So we had to go out front.


Since Jake is used to wearing coats and going out in show, and because he was also wearing his boots, he and I went out first to scout a good location while Angel waited in a carrier in the lobby.


The biggest problem I had was with the lighting. I could not get the “automatic” settings on the camera to work with the snow…and the manual settings were even more problematic. I ended up fixing them majorly in Photoshop after the fact.


Part of the problem was the time of day, I think. The building blocked a lot of the sun, but at the same time I didn’t want to go too far away in the cold. I tried a couple on a crossing median…


…the light was really great there, but…


…it was a pretty precarious place to take photos.


Also, I couldn’t really put both Jake and Angel on the island and take good photos.


A+ for lighting…D- for location.


So we came up closer to the building and I went in to get Angel.


As I said last week, Angel refused to wear any boots.


I made sure the rest of her was bundled up well.


Gun-Hee’s old parka fit her perfectly.


For being out in the snow for the first time in her like – and barefoot – she handled it amazingly well.


She walked around a little and was very interested in all the white stuff.


She had a lot to say about it!


I really do want to go back into the courtyard with her at some point. Hopefully we’ll be able to get out there after the snow has melted somewhat…but not completely!