Abys are Everywhere – Cat Fancy, now and then

As I’m sure you’ve heard, after 50 years, Cat Fancy’s last issue is now on the newsstands. You cant miss it: Not only does it have a huge “50” on the cover, but there’s also an Abyssinian kitten!

It’s not gone, gone…it’s “reinvented” itself as Catster Magazine to appeal to people who like to look at cats on the internet and will come out every other month. But it’s not the same. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like looking at at cats on the internet as much as the next person. But there’s something about reading a magazine that’s been around your whole life, you know?

I always keep an eye out for old back issues that feature Abyssinians (I wish I still had my old copies from when I was in high school). A few weeks ago, I found this issue from 2003 on eBay. While I knew it had an Aby on the cover, as well as a feature article on the breed, I didn’t know about the bonus Aby.

Check out the cat food ad on the back cover! There was no mention of this little guy in the eBay listing…but isn’t it a great ad?

Yeah, I’m going to really miss Cat Fancy.

5 thoughts on “Abys are Everywhere – Cat Fancy, now and then

  1. Coco, darling…the cute little fawn you picture clinging to the table is none other than Tigrflower Woods! Still owned and loved by Katie Marion, now relocated to Virginia! I took a litter to a casting in Manhattan, many years ago. They wanted my blue…but he was too fat to hoist himself up on the table. So “Woody” won the booking…and they ran that ad for YEARS!. We have it nicely framed around here somewhere…thanks for the memories!

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  2. This is sad Coco..If I see any old issues with Abys in my thrift sale, yard sale, flea market travels I will email you to see if you need them..that kitten in the Eukanuba ad is just precious!


  3. They are beautiful, I can see why they are photographed a lot. Please visit us for our cat in the hat themed giveaway.


  4. My human is bummed because she hoped that one day I would be a Cat Fancy cover girl. Sparkle’s dad was – and she has both issues (yes, he was the Somali cover cat twice!).


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