Aby-a-Day – March 8: Surfin’ USA

In our house, cats are not allowed on the kitchen counters. For one thing, our kitchen is ridiculously tiny, and we don’t have much counter space to begin with.


Jacoby, however, has decided that he either isn’t a cat, or that the rule about cats going on the counters only applies to the girlcats.


I really don’t know why this is. He was trained the same was as all my cats have, and honestly, he and his brother Gun-Hee are the only two cats I’ve had who regularly flout the “no counter” rule. And you can tell when they go up there when you aren’t home, because they leave footprints.



Jake will get down when I tell him to…


…but he just hops right back up again as soon as he can.


He even goes up there when there’s nothing happening. There’s no food being prepared, no dishes being put away, no cabinets being opened…yet there he is.



One of his jobs, apparently, is to rub all the things at the end of the counter.


Look at him. He’s not even embarrassed to be caught breaking the rules.


When Jake does, finally, deign to get off the counter, he sort of slithers down, taking his time. He can be such a brat!

Don’t get me wrong, the girls do get on the counter, too. Tessie, because Jake does. Angel, because she’s an Aby. And Kylie – who does it the least – will hop up on occasion. But all three girls know they’re doing something they shouldn’t, and they guiltily – and instantly – leap to the floor when you catch them at it. Jake knows he’s not supposed to go up there as much as the girls do, but for some reason…he just doesn’t care.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 8: Surfin’ USA

  1. Abys on the kitchen counter reminds me of a story Laura Thompson (Badfinger) told me many years ago. She had invited a date over for his first dinner at her house and as they were sitting down to eat her date looked over and noticed her Aby counter-cruising and sarcastically commented, “Well, I guess they can go anywhere they want to.”
    Yep, you are right . . . first AND last date all in one night.

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