Aby-a-Day – April 17: All Jake’s Birthdays (Friday Flashback)

Tuesday, of course, was Jacoby’s birthday. Here he is at all his birthdays:


Jake, along with his brother Dillin and his sister Scarlet. I think they’re about two days old in this photo, but it’s as close to his original birthday as I have.


Here he is on his first birthday, with his first birthday cake.


This is Jake’s second birthday. No fear of fire whatsoever, as you can see.


On Jake’s third birthday, he graduated to a number candle.


Jake never waits for his candle to be blown out before he starts eating his cake!


His fifth birthday was the first one in our new apartment.


And now he is six! And what an amazing six years it’s been. Happy birthday, Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home!

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 17: All Jake’s Birthdays (Friday Flashback)

  1. Happy Birthday, Jake !!!

    I really regret celebrating ,my furbaby Rusty, who is a Ruddy male.
    He is 15years old but I am going to start memorializing his Birthdays with a cake and candle!!
    What do you make Jake’s cake of ?
    A can of his favorite food!!
    Rusty doesn’t like the pâté kind of tinned food but we could just do if for affect.!!
    Rusty,I rescued as the runt of a litter from a pet store. They were so eager to get rid of him they knocked $400 off his price. He was just about 4 months old. He was very sick and I would of hate to think what might of happened if we didn’t get to him. I reported his breeders to the American Abysinnian Association as he came from a cattery.He has herpes. Chronic upper respiratory problems. Sinus infections, nasal congestion,nose bubbles ,sneezing & sneezing copious buggers everywhere,poor thing. We have tried every anti-biotic but we haven’t seen any improvements. Plus being an Abby ,he is so smart & will not eat food with any liquid antibiotics or compounded antibiotics. I swear he is psychic!! We even tried injections for awhile. A few months ago, we saw Jackson Galaxy “Cat Daddy” ad for Spiritual Essences. They have a breathe easy formula. It is homeopathic. I put 4 drops on my hand,rub together,then put in on Rusty’s ears,muzzle,throat & body. I was extremely skeptical but it was much cheaper that an vets visit so ,I thought why not. After about 10 days using it 4 times a day ,I could definately see a difference!! Not as much sneezing,nasal congestion. I couldn’t believe it!! Next,time he goes to the Vet, I will tell them about it.
    He eats better now he isn’t as congested. He also is allergic to chicken,beef,fish. We have always had to give him venison,rabbit, lamb until he was about 12 years old and grew out of this phase. I think his immune system is better. Except for Hus Herpes, he is a very healthy 15 year old. Thank God.!! I wish I could email or show you a photo of my wonderful,loving,always my shadow Abby. He is the best cat ever!! (For me & my hubby anyway!). He has a brother who passed 3 years ago ,a tabby named Tigger, a shelter kitty,we raised,they were good friends. We adopted another shelter Kitty ,a month after Tigger passed, another Tabby. His name is Alfie Mittens. They get along but because Alfie is only nearly 3, he can be a bit of a bully. 15 yrs old Abby’s don’t want to rough house,plus he is twice his size. Rusty holds his own and when Alfie gets too much we seperately Alfie. Rusty is always with me. On my lap, lays on me under the covers at night. He even has to go with me if I go to the bathroom. He is very loyal. I hope Jake is as good as Rusty is when he reaches the 15 yr milestone !!
    We hope Rusty has a few more Birthday’s. I hope many more but only God know’s that !! Kisses from Rusty to the Birthday Boy, Jake.
    Thank You for hearing our story !!

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    1. Hi Rachael! Rusty sounds lovely. Our one-eyed Aby Angel has herpes too from her kittenhood (the herpesvirus is why she has one eye), and she gets L-Lysine for it.

      Jake’s cake is a solid-type cat food (pâté style) with a candle – I’ve been doing this for years.

      You might want to check out The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook. There are ~4500 Aby people worldwide joined and every one is like us about our Abys:-)


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