Aby-a-Day – April 30: Bathing beauty

You may recall a couple of years ago when provided photographic evidence that I can bathe Jacoby with one hand. Well, as easy as it was to bathe him in our old apartment…



…It’s about 100 times easier in our new apartment!



The secret is the sliding glass doors.


Which Jake cannot open.



So I don’t need to hold onto him at all, unlike when we only had a shower curtain.




This is so awesome. The only thing that would make bathing him even easier would be if we had a Shower Massage or some other kind of sprayer. Unfortunately, our building has some crazy Euro-fixtures and nothing we can buy will fit.



So I have to rinse him under the faucet, or with cups.



Having a door that shuts, though, makes a huge difference. I almost look forward to our pre-catshow bath, now.



Can’t exactly say the same for Jake, though.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 30: Bathing beauty

  1. MOL! I usually get bathed in the sink in the enclosed patio, and my human actually installed a spray attachment just for me (fortunately, all the fixtures here are standard). Not that I enjoy getting wet! The blow dry is pretty nice, though!


  2. When I had my bathroom renovated, I had an extra shower head on a long hose installed with a holder for it positioned down low on the wall so I can both leave it in the holder and get spray on the cat as well as hold it in my hand and really get close and spray from all angles. Planned that specifically for bathing cats but works well for when I am rinsing after colouring my hair.

    Dillin, Jake’s brother, is also very easy to bathe and I can practically take my hands right off him and he’ll stay in the bathtub 🙂


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