Aby-a-Day – May 2: “Youth” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Youth.”


In my youth, I used to love to go to cat shows.


I showed my Siamese mix, Sgt. Pepper, as a household pet.



I showed Gun-Hee when he was a kitten.


8 years ago this weekend, Gun-Hee and I were at the Seacoast Cat Club CFA show in Concord, NH. They had Feline Agility at this show, and Gun-Hee came in 4th place. He was also Best Kitten in Marge Collier’s ring.


Sherry was at that show with us, too. This was the last show we’ve been to together (at least, so far). As you can see from Sherry’s hand, we were at this show with Gun-Hee’s (and Jacoby’s) father, Scar, and their Uncle Whitey.


Here is Scar being judged by Marge Collier.


We also took Tessie to this show as a HHP and she was the Best HHP overall in that show. She was awarded a plaque and a little scratching toy – which we still have (and which is still used, especially by Jake and Kylie) in our entryway. This is the ring she did worst in, as luck would have it: she was 7th best in this ring.


Gun-Hee really liked cat shows as a kitten.


Jake started showing later in his life, when he was almost two – after he’d become a therapy cat and after his escalator accident. Most show cats are starting to think about retiring at that age. We didn’t go to the Seacoast show, though, until 2012, when Jake was three.


Coincidentally, Jake and I are at that same show this weekend. I always think of the Seacoast show as “the show in which Jake completely failed at agility.”

jakeseacoast2015C09223 2

Still, it’s a fun show, and I get to hang out with my friend Karen who lives in Manchester, too. It’s always a lot of the same faces – in a good way – and it’s kind of a way to celebrate the CFA new year.

jakeseacoast2015C09183 2

It just never gets old.