Aby-a-Day – May 4: A little snack (Miniature Monday)

At the Seacoast show, there was a vendor giving samples of a raw diet blend. I gave some to Jacoby to taste.

jakemeatseacoastC09336 2

jakemeatseacoastC09337 2

“He likes it! Hey, Jakey!”

jakemeatseacoastC09352 2

jakemeatseacoastC09379 2

jakemeatseacoastC09376 2

Nom nom nom…

jakeminiBJDseacoastC09397 2

Poor Jake looks away, distracted by a sound behind his cage, and suddenly, an interloper appears, wanting to share!

jakeminiBJDseacoastC09392 2

Doesn’t even ask! Just sneaks in and starts eating!

jakeminiBJDseacoastC09398 2

Seriously, the nerve of some people.

jakeminiBJDseacoastC09413 2

Jake seems to still begrudge giving up even a bite of his meat…even if it was to his own mini-me.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 4: A little snack (Miniature Monday)

  1. There was somebody selling raw at the last CFA show I did in April… wish he’d been giving away samples! I would have loved to have dived into some of that!


  2. What brand of raw food was it? Was it frozen raw? I’ve never seen frozen raw food samples at pet shows before, just the usual dry and canned and occasionally freeze dried raw.


    1. Honestly…and I know this is awful, but I can’t remember their name. They were at the World Show, too and they also had some freeze-dried samples. There was a kitten blend and an adult blend. I think I gave Jake the kitten blend. I’ve been trying to find their name…when I find it I’ll let you know. Of all our cats, though, Angel would be the one to thrive on a raw diet. I was cutting up lamb tonight and OMG…she comes running and she will not back down till she gets some!


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