Aby-a-Day – May 6: Kittens are our future

You may have noticed my posts are a bit out of order this week. This is because of my cartoon. The one I was going to do, which was already late because it was based on this weekend’s cat show, got bumped to next week because I came up with a topical idea for this week. This morning.


So, Wordless Wednesday was on Tuesday, and Cartoon Tuesday will – hopefully – be tomorrow.


In the meantime, here are the two kittens from yesterday.


Their names are Baby Love and Beezer, and they are from two different litters of Meg’s. They’re about a week apart in age; Baby Love, the girl, is the older kitten. She is the one who was challenging – and hissing! – at Jacoby in yesterday’s photos.


Meg said she was protecting her little brother from the big bad boy Aby next door.


Oh, he was scared of her, all right.


Her little brother Beezer looks just like Jake did when he was a kitten. Meg and I think that he’ll grow up to look a lot like him. I just love it when Meg has kittens!

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