Aby-a-Day – May 12: What are we going to do about the other generation? (Cartoon Tuesday)

This didn’t actually happen…but oh, I wanted it to. Originally, Meg was going to bring another Aby, Ceylon Sailor (aka “Slim”) to run Agility. But he wasn’t feeling well, so she brought the kittens instead. I wanted Meg to try out the kittens – I wanted to see if they actually ran around, or if they acted like Jacoby and just posed on everything.


The Agility ring was really busy on Sunday, so we never got the chance to try. So…here is what I think would have happened…

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Abys in Need – Alexy is still in Salisbury, MA

You may recall that last week, I posted about poor, 10 year old Alexy, whose family moved to England.

Well, she’s still there. According to the email I got via the Adopt-an-Aby network: “Alexy is a ten-year old, female, purebred Abyssinian. She was given up for adoption on May 2nd or 3rd because her family moved to England. Alexy had only lived with this one family during her lifetime and has not adjusted well to being at the shelter. She is a sweet, gentle cat, but is quite unhappy. She is in a cage all the time with little room to move around and cowers at the back of the cage when approached. The shelter had been told by the family that Alexy was friendly, social, and healthy.

She is at the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS), 63 Elm Street (Rt. 110), Salisbury, MA 01952, Telephone (978) 462-0760. Her photo and information regarding her are not included on their website which shows the cats at the shelter available for adoption.”

Come on, New England! Doesn’t anyone want an Aby?