Aby-a-Day – May 14: Other Abys at the Seacoast Show

The fun thing about cat shows is meeting other Aby people. At the Seacoast show, I met Matt Baker from Diva Abyssinians in Baltimore.

mattabyseacoast2015C09278 2

mattabyseacoast2015C09280 2

He brought two Abys with him. One was a Ruddy girl, CH Diva’s Next Best Thing.

mattabyseacoast2015C09274 2

Isn’t she pretty?

mattabyseacoast2015C09264 2

mattabyseacoast2015C09259 2

She looks like a kitten, but she’s 2½ years old!

mattabyseacoast2015C09269 2

Matt calls her “Cuddles” – look at those grabby Aby hands!

mattabyseacoast2015C09247 2

The other Aby he brought was CH Diva’s Ulterior Motive, an 11 month old red.

mattabyseacoast2015C09249 2

He is the son of son of GC, BW, RW Shera Len Killian Red.

mattabyseacoast2015C09243 2

Now here’s the fun part: We saw his father back when he was a kitten in 2011 at the Groton, CT show where Jacoby Granded!) Like I always like to say, the Aby world is small indeed.