Aby-a-Day – May 17: Best Friends Forever

One other thing that happened at the Seacoast show was that Baby Love, Meg’s girlkitten, and a little boy started a beautiful relationship.


Neither of them realise it yet, of course. But they will.


But a family with a young boy came to look at Meg’s kitten and decided to add little Baby Love to their family.


The boy was about three or four, and Baby Love is 5 months old, so the two of them will grow up together.


I know everyone talks about the timeless bond that is “a boy and his dog,” but there is nothing quite like the love of a boy and his cat. I have a friend in Sweden who has a 15½ year old cat and a 12 year old son. Pyret, the cat, follows her boy everywhere and watches him when he’s on the computer, and the boy basically sees Pyret as a sort of older feline sister and he uses a photo of Pyret as his online avatar.


This little boy and this kitten have a wonderful friendship ahead of them.


And of course, my friend’s cat was a tiny barn kitten born to a feral mother cat. This little boy will be growing up with a kitten with 160 years of breeding for personality and attachment to humans behind her.


Is it wrong that I’m a little jealous of this little kid?