Aby-a-Day – June 9: Shameless filler (Cartoon Tuesday)

Okay, I have no real excuse. I even had a cartoon idea this week. I even sketched it out. I just never got the time to sit down and draw it. And for that I apologise. Profusely.


So here are a couple of other drawings I’ve done that haven’t been posted. This is a cover illustration I did for the Spring issue of the ACCA Newsletter. You may remember the Fall cover I did for them a while back. At some point, I want to make a Summer and Vinter illustration with an Aby in the same style (whether or not it’s for the cover) so I’ll have a set of all four seasons. It’s fun to play with greyscale.


And this is a drawing of the New England Meow Outfit mascot, Marlin, I did for this year’s NEMO CFA show in October. Our theme this year is “Take Three!” and movies, cinema, the silver screen…all of that. So here is Marlin as a classic director.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to return you to your regularly scheduled Aby cartoon next week…