Aby-a-Day – June 19: Layover (Flashback Friday)

When I adopted Angel from Purebreds Plus, I had to fly out to Northern California to collect her. This wasn’t a problem at all for me since, despite living in New England, I grew up in Northern California, and my mother lives in Davis…8 miles away from Purebreds Plus’ headquarters in Dixon, CA.


So while it wasn’t a problem for me, I did worry about Angel’s trip home to Boston. The flight had had a layover and we had to change planes in Denver. Because Angel hadn’t ever really travelled, and she had never worn a harness, I got her a MetPet Soft-Sided Security Harness. This turned out to not be such a great idea as she managed to wrestle out of it inside her carrier.


I also prepared her a makeshift litter box using a folding shirt box and a Ziploc bag full of litter. She was having none of that, either. The next time I need to take a long flight with an Aby, I think I’ll skip the litter box attempts and just make sure I have a supply of pee pads instead.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – June 19: Layover (Flashback Friday)

  1. My human is still trying to convince me to use the pee pads! Every time we’ve flown, she’s taken me to the ladies room and given me the option to use the pads, but I don’t. I don’t go anywhere else either – I just hold it until she sets up the litter box in the hotel room!


    1. You do have to make sure they’re CAT pee pads, and not puppy ones. I found out that the puppy ones have dog pheromones with can upset a cat who may already be in a stressful situation.

      Luckily, with Jake, he trusts me enough to pee in an EMPTY folding litter box if he needs to go. With his UTI issues, I’m happy as long as he’s peeing – anywhere!


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