Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar page was a nice surprise – a bevy of Somalis!

“AROUND THE WORLD – Ahrensburg, Germany, is a proud town that dates back to the 13th century, and Kalahan, a Somali, is the proudest mama around, says her person, Edda Dalank. Her four kittens, ten-week-old sisters Massary and Makeda, and brothers Montoya and Matou, are beautiful, bright, and very active. It was a real challenge to get them all together for a group portrait.”

Another of Edda Dalank’s Somalis was featured in the Page-a-Day Calendar back in January 2012

Aby-a-Day – June 26: Selene’s Firefly (Friday Flashback)

I was lucky enough to get this portrait of one of Jacoby’s ancestors, Selene’s Firefly, from Tessie’s breeder, Kim.


She is moving, and wished to find homes for three older Abyssinian portraits. They’re all wonderful – and two were of Firefly – but the oval one in particular spoke to me.

I just think it’s so wonderful to own something that belongs to my Aby’s past.

At Christmas last year, I was also lucky enough to get some old CATS magazines from 1958 and 1959…and look at this listing of top show cats that was published in the August 1959 issue! Firefly was the 7th Best Cat in the East that show season!