Aby-a-Day – August 24: Giants in the land of miniatures (Miniature Monday)

Thanks, tangentially, to the very missed Catsparella, I’ve fallen in love with Tony Moly beauty products.


A lot of their products are packaged in cute little fruit-shaped packages. I thought it would be fun to pose the Russian ball-jointed Jacoby doll with some of my favourites. Here he is with my Apple Hand Cream and my Peach Lip Balm.


Here’s the Jake doll on my Tangerine Hand Cream. Cats may hate citrus, but…well, this is an exception.

Aby-a-Day – August 23: Wakey, wakey, eggs and Jakey! (Selfie Sunday)

Who needs an alarm clock when you have a hungry Abyssinian?


I don’t usually feed Jacoby in the morning, but that doesn’t seem to affect my wake up calls.


It would be nice if he could learn the concept of weekends, though…

Aby-a-Day – August 22: “Beard” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Beard.”


Cat bearding is a thing.


No, I’m serious.


It really is a thing.


And it’s a thing I’ve been meaning to try with Jacoby.


I actually first heard of cat bearding two years ago…so I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now.


Jake…Not so much


We totally failed at it. But at least we had fun trying.

Well, at least I had fun…

Aby-a-Day – August 21: Angel’s teeth – a retrospective (Friday Flashback)

Angel has had dental cleanings and extractions before. The last time she had X-rays taken was 2011.


You saw her new X-rays yesterday. You can see she’d already lost all her incisors on her bottom jaw four years ago.


However, she still had one left on her top jaw. That one is now long gone.


This one tooth had a shadow on it four years ago. I think this is a tooth that was removed this time around.


At least she still has all her fangs. This one, which we discovered was chipped four years ago, still seems to be healthy. Let’s hope she can hold onto it for a while!

Aby-a-Day – August 20: The tooth and nothing but the tooth

Angel has the worst teeth of any cat I have ever owned. She is only 8 years old, but already she has had more dental work than all the other cats combined.


While Abyssinians are notorious for being prone to dental problems, this isn’t just an Aby thing with her. Jacoby, only two years younger, has amazing teeth. He’s never even needed a cleaning! According to both Sherry and Chris, his grandparents had good teeth, too.


Since I know very little about Angel’s ancestry (and what I do know is based on speculation and theory), I have no idea about her genetic history.


All I know is, she has had several FORLs (Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions).


As a result, she has lost nearly all her teeth. Besides her four canine teeth, she has only a few teeth left.


She has lost every single one of her tiny incisors, both top…


…and bottom.


She’s lost more of her upper teeth than her lower.


One lower jaw only has two teeth left!



The other side sports a few more teeth…


…But I’m not sure I like the looks of that big one in the back. Hopefully it’s just a shadow?

Aby-a-Day – August 19: Wordless Wednesday (Rivningskula)



Aby-a-Day – August 18: Kitty Letter (Cartoon Tuesday)

Just this past weekend, Björn finally found the first letter I sent to him in response to the letter he sent me about my cartoon.


What I didn’t remember was that I’d written to him on stationery I’d made myself at the print shop I worked at. So my first correspondence back to Björn back in 1992 was this “Kitty Letter.”