Aby-a-Day – September 8: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Child (Cartoon Tuesday)

Some of the old drawings my mom gave me have drawings on both sides of the paper, which is something I didn’t notice.


Like this one…apparently I did a self-portrait. I pretty much always had short hair. I’m drawing, too. With crayons. It’s actually kind of a primitive selfie, if you think about it – “Here’s what I’m doing right now.” I’m not sure how old I was when I drew this, but it’s the same as the one of Toby the dog from last week, so I’m guessing I was probably four.


There’s also this one…which my dad noted was a “cat or bear,” which is probably what I told him it was when I drew it. I know someone who will appreciate this one. I honestly can’t tell whether it was meant to be a cat or a bear myself, though. What do you think?