Aby-a-Day – September 27: Don’t shoot the Messenger

Björn and I keep in contact via Facebook Messenger when we aren’t on Facetime. Since we reconnected last year on 18 June, we’ve sent nearly 50,000 messages back and forth. Granted, many of these were just emoticons or typo corrections, but it’s still pretty impressive for a 15-month period.

However, it has created a rather unique relationship between me and my iPhone…one that I’m not entirely sure Jacoby approves.


“Holy crap, are you still Messaging him?”


“Seriously? Mom, seriously?”


“Ugh! Such romantic drivel!”


“Yeah, I’m taking away your phone privileges. Time to pet the cat instead. Or, better yet, how about fetching some treats?”

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – September 27: Don’t shoot the Messenger

  1. Actually, about 46,000 messages have been sent the last four months. Yes, some of them are just links, photos and emoticons, but there are also a few 1,000-word stories and the like. Yes, things would be very different without phones or FaceTime…


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