Aby-a-Day – October 2: It’s time for NEMO’s Costume Contest again! (Fashion Friday Flashback)

Next weekend, Jacoby and I are going back to Sturbridge, MA to enter The New England Meow Outfit’s third annual CFA show. As always, the best and most fun feature of this show is the cat-human team costume contest.


At last year’s show, Jake and I went all out: I was Marilyn Monroe, and Jake was President John F. Kennedy.


We had a lot of fun with that combination. I worked hard to come up with the quintessential Marilyn ensemble, researching how her makeup was done and rewatching the famous “Happy Birthday Mr. President” video.


I could barely walk in those shoes!


Even with all that preparation, we still didn’t win the competition, which shows you how good the other costumes entered are!


At NEMO’s first show, Jake and I actually wore three different outfits. We started out the morning as ancient Egyptians.

At NEMO’s first show, Jake and I actually wore three different outfits.


Then, we changed into Nellie and Billis from South Pacific to perform “Honey Bun.”


Finally, our entry for the contest: A sushi waitress and, well, sushi. In retrospect, we should have gone with Honey Bun.

And what will we do for this year’s contest? Well…you’ll see. Jake, to his dismay, will need to wear pants again for this one. But as for me, while I’ll still need to wear a wig, and I’ll need to carry a prop, I won’t need to wear any makeup, and I’ll be able to walk in my shoes this year!