Aby-a-Day – October 5: Waiting to break fast (Hipstamatic Monday)

Cats can tell time.


Well, they can tell time when it’s time for them to be fed. In our house, those times are 0700 and 2100 (7am and 9pm). And they are very punctual cats. A little too punctual, actually…on weekends and holidays, feeding times are a little later, especially breakfast.


Another thing I find somewhat amusing is where they wait for their food.


Angel and Kylie eat in the kitchen. So they wait for their food in the living room.


Of course.


Where else would they wait?


Jacoby and Tessie, however, are fed in the hobby room. So they sit and wait for their food in the kitchen.


This, my friends, is cat logic


Actually, this is a rare shot of Jake being good and waiting on the floor and not up on the counter trying to eat out of the cans as they’re being scooped out.


Although, you can tell…he’s thinking about jumping up to “help.” I think the only thing stopping him is the fact that there are two humans watching him right now.


He’s not thrilled about being “good.” But at least he has a nice box to sit in.


They are actually all pretty quiet about waiting to be fed, though. Except for Tessie. She tends to nag. A lot.